Buy less, wear more

At TANYA HEATH Paris, we leverage technology and innovation to offer you stylish, sustainable, and comfortable heels.

The innovation itself required over 3 years of research and development and was led by me working with a multidisciplinary team of 14 engineers, designers, and technicians. Together, we created the world's first multi-height shoe with interchangeable heels.

As a designer, my aim is to provide you with wardrobe staples that seamlessly transition from day to night and last for years to come. By doing so, I hope to eliminate the need for impulse shoe purchases that you barely wear. If you're seeking a bit of indulgence, you can simply add a pair of heels to keep your shoes fresh and on-trend.

All our shoes and heels are available on a pick-and-choose basis, allowing you to buy only what you want without any unnecessary spending. Our goal is to empower you to purchase only what you truly love and need, without any pressure or overconsumption. We are truly the smart woman's choice.