Buy less, wear more

Even before the creation of my concept in 2009, I knew that my company would place thinking about sustainability and social justice at the center of all our actions.


Like all other responsible brands, we carefully monitor every step of the life cycle of our shoes and heels, from design to manufacturing, from use to packaging, from shipping to end of life. product.

However, for sustainability to become a reality, it is widely recognized that your role as a customer is essential. It is imperative to put an end to adherence to increasingly rapid fashion cycles, marked by planned obsolescence that pushes you to frequently renew your shoes. My mission is to make you appreciate timeless style while satisfying you with a touch of modernity thanks to a new heel, which will allow you to wear the same pair of shoes for years!

Being able to go from a high heel to a low heel on the same pair of shoes not only translates to more comfort, but it radically transforms your approach to shoe consumption. You won't need to accumulate as many pairs and you'll break the habit of wearing shoes only once or twice before putting them away in your closet.

Elegance is our ally at TANYA HEATH Paris, each style embodies timelessness and versatility, ready to be worn from morning until evening. We aim to reduce the number of shoes in your closet with shoes with interchangeable heels, providing comfort and style for all occasions.