A Shoe That Can Change The World

Welcome to the world of TANYA HEATH Paris, my company that means so much more to me than just an innovative shoe brand. It's a concept that prioritizes your well-being and the health of the planet. I'm Tanya, and my adjustable shoes with interchangeable heels embody my determination to help women wear heels that are comfortable, stylish, and environmentally responsible.

My journey with shoes began when I moved to Paris, a place where women walk.  In France fashion seems to be the culmination of centuries of art, culture, and savoir-vivre. It's here that I truly came into my own as an adult. I had to navigate the challenges of moving to a new country, learning French, giving birth to three exceptional children, all while completing my studies and launching my career.

Back then I often felt overwhelmed by the demands of raising my kids while juggling professional obligations. I can vividly remember walking my three young children to school, carrying their school bags, my purse, my laptop, and an extra pair of shoes for a meeting later in the day. This experience convinced me that women deserve products that incorporate their needs into their design. Fueled by the determination to simplify my life and believing that this resonated with other busy women, I decided to reinvent high-heeled shoes because I love them, but like so many of us, I just can't wear them for more than a moment. 

So, TANYA HEATH Paris was born, with the goal of creating, manufacturing, and selling comfortable, stylish, and ethical adjustable-height shoes with interchangeable heels.

Our styles are designed for work, business travel, weddings, and all those occasions where you wish you were wearing heels. Our shoes seamlessly blend elegance with cutting-edge technology for multiple heel heights and heel-locking, ensuring unparalleled comfort and safety. My aim is to be your best shoe friend, accompanying you every step of the way so that you can fully embrace every moment of your ever-changing day while looking and feeling fabulous.

Thirteen years later, I still feel like one small woman standing up to a fashion system that sells uncomfortable high heels and constantly changing styles, enticing you to buy more and more things you don't need. You've already made your choice with your feet, and it's clear that the popularity of flats is due to traditional heels falling short. I didn't want to wear flats all the time, so I put my faith in technology and innovation, two subjects I'm familiar with, to create not only the world's first woman-friendly high-heeled shoe but also a more sustainable way to buy and wear heels.

As a mother, I believe it's our duty to build a better future for our children, and this shoe concept is my contribution to bringing about real change. TANYA HEATH Paris is the only shoe brand in the world that has developed a concept allowing you to buy fewer shoes and wear the ones you have more because buying less is the single most important way to preserve our planet and its resources. Everything else is just greenwashing, and I'm sorry that so many people fall for it.

Thank you for joining me on this extraordinary journey. I look forward to sharing my passion for this concept and guiding you to your perfect shoes. Walking in our shoes is reconnecting with chic comfort, and every step is a tribute to our indomitable spirit.