Following the Covid lockdowns, I found myself in a unique situation: a shortage of cardboard boxes for my deliveries. This made me pause and think: did I really need two boxes for each shipment? One to house the shoe box, which protected the shoes, and another, the cardboard box, to protect the shoe box. It seemed, well, a bit wasteful to me.

With a hint of apprehension, I decided to take the plunge. I sent a few pairs without the extra layer of cardboard, unsure of their fate on their journey. To my great surprise, the transport and deliveries went smoothly.

This experience led to a decisive change in our packaging philosophy.

Today, we've embraced streamlined shoe boxes, saying goodbye to excessive packaging and the waste that comes with it. However, we are fully aware that certain circumstances require packaging. That's why we made a thoughtful choice: our shopping bags and heel clutches are made of fabric, designed not only for practicality, but also for reuse and durability. Because sometimes a great story starts with a simple question.