Following the Covid lockdowns, worldwide cardboard box shortages meant I could not buy carton boxes for my deliveries.

With a hint of apprehension, I decided to send a first pair and then a second, without a box and to my surprise, the transport and deliveries went smoothly.

This experience led to a decisive change in our packaging philosophy. We don't use cardboard boxes unless we have to. This cuts down in excess packaging, and it makes deliveries lighter and less bulky so I have been able to keep some shipping charges constant despite steep increases in freight fairs and eliminate shipping charges all together for closer destinations.

Our shoe boxes are also lighter and smaller than they once were for the exact same reasons. Our heel bags continue to be made out of fabric because we know you are using them often, but we have replaced our iconic fabric shopping bags with beautiful paper bags because my husband who is an energy transition specialist told me the fabrik bags would need to be used over a thousand times to have the same impact as the paper bags.