Craftsmanship and Materials

When we embarked on the journey to select our manufacturing partners, our goal was to craft both our shoes and interchangeable heels right here in France.

The assembly of our shoes is an art demanding unparalleled precision, a fact attested by the artisans who collaborate with us. We aimed to maintain close proximity to them for frequent interactions. Regrettably, with the closure of our Cholet shoe factory and our own Le Talon Française, we had to bid farewell to our cherished "Made in France" approach. Fortunately, Portugal boasts a thriving and high-quality shoe industry, with many individuals proficient in French.

Our commitment to excellence and the desire to make a positive impact extend to our supplier choices. Our memory foam, ensuring walking comfort, hails from Italy. Our Spanish leather supplier has earned recognition from the European Working Group in Leather for their sustainability commitment. Fabrics used in our vegan shoes originate from Italy and Portugal. Furthermore, we have recently embraced fabrics crafted from recycled plastics, continuously embracing such innovations as they arise.

Creating removable-heeled shoes that offer seamless interchangeability necessitates surpassing conventional quality standards of the traditional shoe industry. This elevated demand for precision, combined with our dedication to ethical production, results in slightly higher prices compared to other high-end brands.

Nonetheless, we maintain lower profit margins to position our shoes in the accessible luxury category. Our commitment to the success of this concept will not compromise our deeply held belief that businesses must actively embrace social responsibility