Clients often ask how to take care of their shoes and in fact our shoes are like every other pair of high quality women's leather shoes on the market, except for the mechanism. This means you can absolutely have cobbles polish, stretch, resole and re-glue your shoes. Just make sure that they don't get glue in the heel mechanism. Here you will find information on shoe care that can be done at home. If you have simply stopped wearing your shoes, why not gift them, donate them or sell them on a specialized site?
For heels that you are no longer loving or that are a bit scuffed we have created a fun tutorial video that shows you how to upcycle your heels by wrapping them in a finish you love. This could be leather, glitter, cork or another thing fabrik that you have on hand. I love getting photos of your creations and I often share them on social media.

To learn how to coat your heels yourself

Thanks @mpastinelli for creating these tutorials.