Quality is important for all shoe brands but at TANYA HEATH Paris, its a central to our magic and quality tests are performed at several stages.

Like other premium French brands we favour noble materials sourced from trusted European partners in the composition of our footwear, and our atelier achieves an level of quality that we are proud of

But at TANYA HEATH Paris, quality also includes the reliability and precision of all our mechanical parts.

When customers ask me about the brand's biggest achievement, I immediately explain that all of our shoes are 100% interchangeable, meaning that all shoes and heels seamlessly work together regardless of when or where they were made. In fact, I would argue that this is a greater achievement than offering multiple height options or safe removable heels. This is due to our obsession with using the strongest and most precise materials in the shoe and heel mechanisms, as well as the success of our procedures and quality tests, which are carried out throughout our production chains, in our boutiques, and before we send you anything.