Our Commitment to Quality

At TANYA HEATH Paris, we sell adjustable shoes and interchangeable heels that feature locks and springs.  Very rarely these are subject to product defects that we did not detect before shipping and they might possibly break while you are wearing your shoes.  We are here to support you in such situations.


Shoe or heel mechanism breakage:

If the shoe or heel mechanism breaks while wearing your shoes, please contact our customer service via email. Be sure to include your order number in the subject line. This step is crucial in helping us quickly locate your purchase history, the date of purchase, the vendor and to provide you with the warranty level and assistance you need.

Warranty eligibility:

Please note that our warranty applies exclusively to products purchased directly from the TANYA HEATH Paris online store (www.tanyaheath.com) or a physical boutique run directly by TANYA HEATH Paris. For all other purchases, we kindly request that you contact the entity from which you obtained the shoes and/or heels.


Warranty Coverage:

·      If the heels or mechanism of your shoes break within two years from the date of your order, we will provide you with a voucher worth the amount you paid for the broken item. This voucher allows you to choose another model of shoes and or heels that suits your needs.


·      In cases where a heel or the mechanism of a shoe breaks between 2 to 5 years after your order, we offer a voucher worth 50% of the purchase price. This voucher is valid for one year, giving you flexibility in selecting a replacement.


·      After 5 years neither shoes nor heels are covered by warranty.

Making the Most of Your TANYA HEATH Paris Products

We understand that when you choose TANYA HEATH Paris adjustable height shoes and interchangeable heels, you're not looking for regular footwear. While we hope you enjoy our products to their fullest, we want to highlight a eco-friendly solution for broken products.


In the event that you experience a broken shoe mechanism, there's a creative option available. You can transform the shoes into a regular pair of shoes by simply gluing the heel onto the shoes, making the interchangeable heel no longer removable. This way, you can continue to enjoy a wonderful pair of shoes with your favorite heels securely attached.


Please note that while this solution restricts you from changing your heels, you will be able to continue wearing the shoes you love.


We believe in the versatility and durability of our products, and this approach lets you make the most of your TANYA HEATH Paris shoes.

For Other Issues and Regular Maintenance:

For any other problems relating to cleaning or shoe repair that does not concern the mechanism, we recommend consulting a cobbler. Cobblers are professionals who are best qualified to help you. Our shoes can be maintained like regular shoes, and they can offer expert advice to keep them in great condition.  You can also consult our shoe-care instructions if you do not believe a cobbler is necessary.


We hope this information helps you throughout your ownership of TANYA HEATH Paris products.