1. How does it work?

1.1. How do you remove a heel?

Taking off the heels and putting on new ones is child's play! Here's how it works.

1.2. Do all the heels work on all the shoes?

Yes, provided the shoe and the heel are of the same size range. T1 heels are for shoes 35 to 36.5; T2 heels are for shoes 37 to 39.5 and T3 heels are for shoes 40 to 42. You can find more information here.

1.3. Can the shoes be worn without a heel?

No but they can be worn with a low heel that is ideal for walking in comfort.

1.4. Why can't your shoes become flat?

This would be impossible at the moment. Our shoes feature an arch to add comfort while wearing heels and we can’t make that arch go away. But you can wear the shoes with a low heel, which is good for walking, good for your foot, and very comfortable.

1.5. Will I press on the button while I walk?

No, the button is found very deep inside the shoe and it cannot be activated as you walk.

1.6. Will I feel the button while I walk?

Most customers don't feel this, but if this happens to you, feel free to contact us via email service-clients@tanyaheath.com and we will try to find a solution. solution. We generally advise our customers to wear gel protection above the button in the shoe.

1.7. Is there a right and left heel?

No, we wanted this to be as easy for you as possible, so you can use any heel, with any shoe, on any side.

1.8. Is the arch super flexible?

No. Indeed, the arch is designed not to collapse and to guarantee you perfect support, regardless of the heel height you have chosen.

1.9. Why do you have different heel ranges?

Because the size difference between a size 35 and 42 is so extreme that a high heel for a 35 would only be a medium heel for a 42.

1.10. Why can't I wear a heel out of my size range?

Because each heel height in a heel size has been designed specifically to match a shoe size. It is indeed normal that, in the shoe industry, an 8 cm heel for a size 35 is slightly smaller than an 8 cm heel for a size 42.

1.11. Is there a risk that I break a nail by pressing the button?

No, not if you're careful. Many of our clients have long fingernails. We advise you to use the smooth part of your finger. If you are still in doubt, you can use a pen instead of your thumb.

2. Brand Origins

2.1. Is the creator French?

She is bi-national French and Canadian but she lives and works in Paris and the shoes are made in France. Find more information about the creator here.

2.2. Where are the shoes made?

All shoes and heels are made in Portugal. The leathers come either from France, Italy or Spain. European production and procurement are very important for the brand.

2.3. Is the brand French?

Yes! The brand was born from a unique combination of engineering and fashion, two areas in which France excels.All shoes and heels are made in Portugal

3. Brand awareness

3.2. Are you the only ones in the world who do this?

We are the first to offer multi-height shoes with removable heels and we have sold more shoes and heels than any other brand, making our product the market favourite. We are leaders in both fashion and technology. However, success attracts copiers and there are surely others trying to do the same as us.

4. The offer

4.1. Do you sell bespoke shoes?

Yes and no. You can customize your shoes with an infinite choice of heels and create a shoe that suits you. If you want a heel with a particular color, texture or pattern, contact us via email service-clients@tanyaheath.com and we will create it for you.

4.2. Do TANYA HEATH Paris heels work with shoes from other brands?

Sadly no, our heels only work with our shoes.

4.3. Do you sell heels?

Yes! All of our heels are compatible with all of our shoes, allowing you to change height and style as you go. You can order more heels in any of our stores or online at www.tanyaheath.com. Note that our heels are only compatible with our shoes.

4.4. Can I use TANYA HEATH Paris shoes with heels purchased from the cobbler?

No, that won't work. We have a particular system in which the heel and the shoe are specifically designed to work together.

4.5. Can I use my old TANYA HEATH Paris heels with a new pair of shoes?

Yes! As long as they are the same size.

5. The style

5.1. How do you style the shoes?

We offer styles that follow the woman from morning to night. You can dress up your shoes or make them more understated with a simple heel change. Playing with colors and patterns is very trendy!

5.2. How many collections do you do?

We make two collections: one summer and one winter. But we offer new heels throughout the year.

5.3. Do you make vegan shoes?

Yes. We want to help those who do not consume animal products to feel beautiful and fashionable. Each season, we offer one or two of our best sellers in a vegan version.

5.4. Do you do platforms?


5.5 Do you do higher heels?

Technically it would be possible to produce heels slightly higher than 8 ½ cm, but we don't. In the long term, higher heels may cause foot problems and we don't want to hurt our customers.

6. Fit and Size

6.1. Do your shoes have a normal fit?

Yes, after many years our sizes are now stabilized and standardized. If you have a question about a specific model, contact us via the email address service-clients@tanyaheath.com.

6.2. Do you make small and large sizes?

Yes! Our range starts at 35 and goes to 42.

6.5. Do you do wide/narrow shapes?

If yes, this is indicated in the product description.If you have any questions about the footwear of one of our models, contact us via the email address service-clients@tanyaheathcom.

7. Sales Policy

7.1. Why do you sell the shoes without heels?

Initially, we sold the shoes with heels, but the customers were not satisfied because they wanted to create their own shoes. So we decided to let customers choose entirely the combination they want. So you can buy exactly what you want and create a shoe that is unique.

8. Care and customer service

8.1. Is there a guarantee on the shoes or the heels?

No, the products are not guaranteed. Here is our policy We take the follow-up of your purchases and the after-sales service to heart, in order to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers.

8.2. How will the leather evolve?

All our leathers are treated to make shoes (and not handbags, furniture or clothing). They will evolve in the same way as shoes from another brand. Our leathers are of a higher quality than what you can usually find in a shoe. Note that superior quality does not necessarily mean longevity, but sometimes our leathers are more flexible than others. Velvet leathers are more elastic than smooth leather, just as lambskin is often softer than calfskin, and all these leathers evolve in different ways. The evolution of leather also depends on how you wear it and how you maintain it.

8.3. How do I take care of the suede or velvet?

Do not use leather wax or cream. You can buy a special eraser from a cobbler or any shoe care store. These types of leathers can be brushed.

8.4. Do your shoes last longer than normal shoes?

Our mechanism is designed to be used 5000 times. As for the longevity of our shoes, it is comparable to a normal shoe, but you will probably wear them more often as they are comfortable.

8.5. Can I take them to the cobbler?

Yes. But explain to the shoemaker that these are special shoes with a removable heel and a special mechanism, so that he does not try to stick the heel to the shoe for example.

8.6. Can we cut a heel to get a different height?

In theory yes you can, and we know that different customers adjust their heels (we received photos), but then you would have to take your heels to a shoemaker. We do not take responsibility for these heels, as we did not rework them.

8.7. How can I wash my heels?

If the heels are painted plastic or metallic, you can simply run them under water. If your heels are covered in leather, you need to treat them more gently. It is difficult to give general indications without having more information on the materials. We advise you not to wear your couture heels when it rains.

9. Technology

9.1. Does the heel ever come off while walking?

No, we will not sell our shoes and heels if that were the case. From time to time it happens that a heel is faulty, but we normally detect it during the fitting and we replace it immediately if you receive a faulty heel at home.

9.2.What are the heels made of?

All of our heels, even the metallic ones and the covered ones, are made of plastic called ABS, which is a material that can even be found in cars

9.3. Is there a patent?

Not only does our concept have a patent, but it is also protected by a large number of intellectual property laws, in order to protect our brand in all our markets.