As the mother of three children, I want to bequeath them the best possible world to live in, and as a creator, I have the power and the obligation to act. So at TANYA HEATH Paris, eco-design has always been integral to our thinking.

Our shoes are made in a small workshop in Portugal by highly skilled artisans, and all of the components that make up our shoes are sourced from suppliers in France, Italy, Spain, or Portugal. A special mention to our leathers: they come from tanneries certified by the Leather Working Group, an organization committed to promoting best environmental practices and standards in leather tanning.

The heels are manufactured either in France or Portugal, and they are hand-wrapped. The leathers used for heel wraps are sources from the unused stock of leading French luxury brands and they would have otherwise been discarded. This is a beautiful example of upcycling.

Thanks to the proximity of our workshops, we reduce the carbon footprint associated with transportation, as there is no need for airplanes or boats for the heels and shoes to arrive in France.

Our multi-purpose shoes are at the center of our concept. The versatility you get from changing out heels, coupled with our unparalleled comfort, timeless styling, and semi-bespoke design, means you will be wearing these shoes more and longer than any of your regular heels. In fact the most important thing you can do as a customer is wear what you have more and buy less new stuff. We help you do that, which is why taken together we believe we are the most eco-conscious shoe concept in the world.