International size guide

Each foot is as unique as a snowflake, which makes shopping for shoes online a real challenge. But don't get discouraged so quickly.

1) Consult the international size guide below, which gives you the equivalents of your foot size in different countries. At TANYA HEATH Paris, we use European sizes. However, the size may vary depending on the shape of the shoe and its fit.


2) Read the information about the product. If we find that the size of a model does not exactly follow the European references, we will let you know.

3) If you still have any doubts, write to customer service via the email address and ask for expert advice.

4) Some women tell us that they only wear one style of shoe. It may be because there is something unique about their foot that directs them towards a particular stylistic choice. To minimize the risk of making a mistake when buying online, it is sometimes recommended to stick to tried and true styles.

5) We won't let you get the wrong heel. If you have chosen heels in a range that is not compatible with your foot size, customer service will let you know before delivery to ensure that you are sure of your choice.

6) Don't worry: if you choose the wrong size, you can always send the pair back to us, as long as it has never been worn!