How They Work

Experience the comfort, style and versatility of adjustable shoes with convertible heels

Since 2011 I have been bringing you the most comfortable ajustable height shoes with convertible heels in the world. My unique concept allows you to switch out from a high heel to a low or a medium height heel whenever that makes sense to you, so that you can live your busy day to its fullest, without sacrificing comfort or style.

To begin the TANYA HEATH Paris experience we recommend that you start by choosing your shoes and then you select your interchangeable heels.  Its fun and it makes full use of your creativity and imagination as you explore the different possibilities that we offer. In fact at TANYA HEATH Paris, the designer is you!  The best way to enjoy the process is to pour yourself a glass of wine, or a cup of coffee, and get behind your laptop, because you are in for a unique fashion trip!


  • Step 1: choose your convertible shoes

    Our shoes and heels are sold separately so that you only buy what you love and what you want to wear! The first step is to choose your shoes.

    We offer sandals, pumps, wedding shoes, work shoes, low-boots, booties, boots and even a super sexy thigh-high. We also have a growing vegan line that is so good looking that its proudly worn by everyone.

  • Step 2: choose your heels

    Once you have chosen your shoes you are ready to select your heels. It’s better to start with a few pairs of heels so that you can really experience the comfort and versatility of interchangeable heels.

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How to choose your interchangeable heels

  • A heels size range for every shoe size

    Heels are available in 3 size ranges that correspond to your shoe size:

    • T1 is for shoes sizes 35 to 36.5
    • T2 is for shoes sizes 37 to 39.5
    • T3 is for shoes sizes40 to 42
  • Create your dream shoe with over 400 different interchangeable heel choices

    You can choose from 7 different heel styles that are available in painted, metal, leather and vegan finishes. The possibilities are endless, and we are sure to have dozens of heel options that are right for you.

    Each one of our heels is finished by hand here in Europe and the heels will last for years. To help you find that perfect heel, don’t hesitate to use our filters that allow you to search by height, color, size-range and style.

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Changer un talon amovible, un jeu d'enfant

Changer un talon est simple. Appuyez sur le bouton noir à l’intérieur de la chaussure pour libérer le talon et tirez sur le talon. N'hésitez pas à bien enfoncer votre pouce car le bouton est positionné à l'intérieur de la semelle de propreté.

Pour insérer un nouveau talon amovible il vous suffit de le faire coulisser dans la queue d’aronde derrière la chaussure. N’hésitez pas à utiliser un peu de force et un peu de vitesse dans l'exécution de ce geste. Vous devriez entendre un clic qui indique que le talon a été correctement accroché.

Nous testons chaque paire de chaussures et de talons avant de vous les envoyer. Les talons ont été conçus pour supporter jusqu’à 400 kg et le système de fixation du talon fonctionnera jusqu’à 5000 fois. Cela vous donnera amplement l’occasion de profiter de vos chaussures pour les années à venir.