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    The first step is to choose your shoes.

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    We offer sandalspumpswedding shoes, work shoes, low-bootsbootiesboots and even a super sexy thigh-high.

  • ② Step 2: choose your heels

    Once you have chosen your shoes you are ready to select your heels. It’s better to start with a few pairs of heels so that you can get a lot of wear out of your shoes and so that you can enjoy the adjustable shoe concept to its fullest.

  • ③Step 3: Enjoy your adjustable shoes

    Now that you have create your custom shoes you can enjoy changing...it's so easy to do it and you can go out in the morning with just one shoes and adapt your look for every occasions

  • « It isn't everyday that you meet a designer who
    is completely revolutionizing fashion. But when we spoke with Tanya Heath last
    week, we knew we had stumbled upon one of those people. »

  • « Idéal pour les wonder women que nous sommes ! »

  • « Pour faciliter la vie de milliers de femmes, les chaussures à talons amovibles ont enfin été inventées ! L'idée ? Celle de repenser les chaussures à talons pour proposer une version complice qui s’adapte à toutes les situations. »

  • « The world's first convertible heels that can swap styles and heights at the push of a button (AND they're actually fashionable). »

  • « Space is a premium when you’re travelling and shoes tend to be the accessory that gets tossed when making packing decisions,
    which is why we think this is the perfect solution for stylish travellers who can’t travel without at pair of heels (or two). »

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Since 2011 I have been bringing you the most comfortable convertible heels in the world. My unique concept allows you to switch out from a high heel to a low or a medium height heel whenever that makes sense to you, so that you can live your busy day to its fullest, without sacrificing comfort or style.