How to change heels

Taking off heels and putting on new ones is surprisingly easy and fun! Here's how it works.

Clip a heel


To put on a heel, hold it like this and slide it until you hear a pop. You may have to use a little force at first to hear this "click". Indeed, most of us do not use a mechanism with such a robust system designed to be used 5000 times.

Unclipping a heel


Removing the heels is just as easy. Look in your shoe. You will see a button near the heel in the insole. Press deep enough and slide the heel simultaneously to remove it. We find it easier to use the thumb rather than another finger, at least at first. If you're worried about breaking a nail, don't worry. You don't need to use your fingernails for this to work, just the flat part of your finger. Or use a pen.
Let's go: clip and unclip as you please!