look like a queen


I was in a pop-up boutique when I learned that the Queen had passed away, and to my surprise, I was sad.  Like many of us, I had never known a moment in my life without her and growing up in Canada, her effigy was on our money, stamps, and hung in school.

As we approach the coronation of King Charles III, I find myself more excited than I would have expected. Honestly, I can't recall a single moment when I didn't anticipate him becoming king. Like his mother, he has always been there.

I'm really looking forward to the pomp and ceremony, the clothes, the jewels, and of course, the shoes! I know for certain that the female members of the royal family will be wearing court shoes, which are known as pumps in North America.

Many people have stopped wearing these timeless shoes because they cannot manage the pain and inconvenience of the high heels.

That's where TANYA HEATH Paris comes in to help! To enable you to dress like a royal and feel like a queen, I'm offering an incredible coronation promotion. If you buy one pair of pumps, you will receive two free pairs of heels from the Christophe, Daniel, Denis, Stephane, Damien, or François PRET A PORTER collection. This offer is valid online with the code "Court Shoes" and in the Marais pop-up store. The offer ends on Saturday evening.

This offer does not incllude our box-sets.

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