New Year's Resolutions

Responsible Versatile Customizable

Make this year the year of your good resolutions
Our concept has 3 main virtues:
It offers unparalleled versatility to buy less and wear more of what you have.
We are also committed to providing you with great comfort, which is good for your feet, your spirits and your body.
And we make sure you always look stylish, which is a great way to boost your morale.


Introduce some lateral thinking

Lateral thinking is the key to innovation and creativity, so why not put on shoes that inspire? Our footwear concept was revolutionary 12 years ago and remains unmatched today. If you want to shake things up this year, don't wear regular shoes.

Get out and walk more

Walking is great for the body and mind and can really help with creativity. So don't wait for weekends or holidays to walk and make walking part of your daily life now. Just slip on a pair of Christophe walking heels and set off to explore the urban jungle.


Try something new

The New Year is the perfect time to shake things up. If you've been reading this newsletter for years, but still haven't taken the plunge, why not give us a try. If you already have a pair, why not get out of your comfort zone and try a new style of heel?
Declutter your closets
Get rid of your old things! It's the perfect time to give away or sell all those shoes that live in your closet. Keep the ones you love and use and build a collection of shoes and heels that take up less space and work for you.
Consume better
You know fast fashion is bad for the environment and I know a thing or two about shoes, and I can promise you cheap shoes are bad for the planet, the people who make them, and your feet. Invest in a shoe concept that has the same values ​​as you. We produce in workshops in Portugal and all of our suppliers are European, where people earn a living wage and environmental standards are met.

Take care

Are you like Emily in Paris, you always walking in high heels; or do you wear sneakers everywhere because you can't stand heels? Why not try variable height shoes? They spare your feet from the pain of walking in high heels thanks to their unique ability to convert to a low heel. 

Change your look

Sometimes a quick and easy change is a great way to start a deep transformation. Why not try a new hairstyle or treat yourself to a fabulous new pair of shoes?

Travel more and discover a new place.

One pair of ajustable shoes with 2 or 3 pairs of heels take up little space in your suitcase and will take you just about anywhere you want to go.

Take up a new hobby

We are the brand that allows you to create the shoes of your dreams by choosing the style, color and height of the heels that go with your shoes. But we also show you how to create your own pair of couture heels or how to recycle your favorite heel. Become the queen of up-cycling and DIY by following this tutorial.

Look for a new job

Interview with confidence knowing you're dressed for success. Our shoes are designed to help you push yourself further and you'll feel confident, smart and stylish in your TANYA HEATH Paris shoes.

Make 2023 the year your resolutions really stick

Small, achievable steps every day will help you achieve your big goals. Wearing your removable heels is easy and could very well set off a chain reaction that will help you achieve your dreams.

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