Les chaussures à talons amovibles, accompagne votre réussite - Tanya Heath Paris

Shoes with removable heels, accompany your success

Growing up in Canada, I felt lucky because I knew that girls from other countries didn't have as many opportunities as I did and that I had somehow won the world lottery by being born in a country where I could flourish. My role models back then were Margaret Thatcher and Indira Gandhi because they were visible leaders and I wanted to do something that would make the world a better place for all women.

But when I started working in the 1990s, I discovered that as a woman I was less fortunate than I thought, and I was quickly disillusioned. From my second week of work as a management consultant for a strategy firm in Paris, women at my level discovered the unthinkable: we were all paid 20,000 francs less per year than our male colleagues, for EXACTLY the same job. BAM!

When I took my first maternity leave, I understood that I was working in a world built by and for men (and yes, I know I was lucky to have maternity leave maternity). I was shocked, angry and sad at the same time and remembered my childhood dream, which was to want to do something that would help women progress.

Because I don't work in human resources, I'm not part of a powerful network of opinion leaders and change makers, I don't have the personality of an extrovert or an activist, and my French is far from perfect, I had to focus on the things I could do. I know a lot about disruptive innovation and business, and I love fashion. So I embarked on a crazy dream that I had cherished since my first day of work, that of creating the first "feminist shoe" in the world, that is to say a shoe that would sublimate women, especially in their professional life. , so they can move forward in comfort and style.

Why high heels? Because in my own professional life, high heels were a nightmare. I wore them because they made me feel smart and confident and stylish and quite frankly I love high heels but they were painful and impractical. I dreamed of comfortable high heels and being able to wear the same pair of shoes all day. Business trips were particularly irritating; my male colleagues could get on the plane with the same pair of shoes they would wear to meetings, to dinner and back to the hotel, while I always had to pack several pairs of shoes to survive a trip. So I decided to put women's needs first on my shoe and bring a feminine touch to the shoe industry by creating the first high heel shoe suitable for women. After 3 years of R&D and incessant focus groups, the concept was ready. The prototype shoe and heels were so versatile and comfortable that I was surprised myself. We had succeeded in inventing the world's first adjustable shoe with fully interchangeable heels and different heights. I will never forget the moment when I put the first pair on my feet, when I walked through the workshop with a low heel, then with a high heel; at that point we all knew it was for real and the room cheered.

These shoes adapt to what you're doing with a quick and easy heel change. You can wear mid-heeled heels for a meeting, low heels for commuting, and high heels whenever you want, all with the same pair of convertible shoes.

Our entire range of shoes and heels feature timeless style, so these shoes will become a staple in your wardrobe. Wearing them will make you look as good as you feel, allowing you to focus on what you like, what you want, and how to leave your mark.

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