Our new pop-up boutique

Responsible Versatile Customizable

Find our shoes and heels at a brand new address, till the end of May
Welcome to Polite Rebellion, our new boutique located in the heart of Paris. We're excited to be back and ready to deliver the best in fashion.

Our boutique will feature an exquisite collection of adjustable shoes and interchangeable heels from our own brand, TANYA HEATH Paris, as well as beautiful blazers and coats from Victoria Bourgin of La Jaquette. Our brands are highly synergistic.  We both design for women who want to feel amazing while putting their values front and center of how they dress and what they wear.

But that's not all! We will also feature two other designers each week who share our ethically made and bring smart and stylish products to Paris.  

We are located in the Haut Marais at 8 rue Saint Claude, Paris 75003. Come and discover the store, the brands we have to offer and join our Polite Rebellion. We are open till the end of May so don't miss us.  

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