Une lois anti-fast fashion - Tanya Heath Paris

France passes historic fast fashion law

If you've studied economics, you'll know that it's always better to trade coconuts for bananas. This insight has lifted millions of people out of poverty by allowing them to specialize in what they do best. However, a pair of shoes made in a low-cost production country that does not respect labor or environmental standards costs less than what I pay for the Italian memory foam in your insoles, which makes your shoes so comfortable. This is not just unfair competition, its using exploitation to make cheap stuff. This week, the French government has become the first in the world to pass legislation to curb the appeal of fast fashion. As of 2025, fast fashion will no longer be able to advertise their products in France, and they will be subject to an environmental tax of up to 50% of the item's value. While this marks an important milestone, as citizens, we must wean ourselves off cheap stuff. In Paris An ice cream and a fast fashion t shirt sell at the same price. Why not get a cheap thrill from ice cream instead? It is better for people and the planet and the calories will fuel your 30-minute walk, in your low Christophe heels ;-)
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