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Foot Yoga To Help you Heel ;-)

If you came by the pop-up this summer, I was likely wearing my Ines Sandals in Rust. This wasn't just a fashion choice – it was a strategic move after an unfortunate running incident that left my hallux valgus in less-than-ideal condition. Bunion bleeding and pain, and a not-so-chic look for someone in the business of creating and selling shoes. Determined to heel myself, I stumbled upon the fascinating realm of foot yoga and discovered two exercises that worked wonders for me. Firstly, let's talk about toe mobility. Your toes should be like babies toes, that is free to spread out. Before my TANYA HEATH Paris days, my toes were scrunched together and I was almost unable to move them. After wearing my shoes for 12 years my toes did unglue, but my mobility wasn't great. Now, every night, I make it a ritual to widen my toes, hold for a count of 5, and release. I try to do this 10 times each foot. The second exercise that worked wonders for me is a simple one. Sit on your feet with your toes pointing inward, so they are bent underneath you (see photo below). In the beginning, I could endure this for a mere 15 seconds before feeling true agony. Now I can comfortably hold this pose for 2 minutes. There are tons of exercises out there but I believe that they really do make a difference and that taking care of your feet lets you enjoy your beautiful shoes and know your feet better. For example, I have found that I am always more comfortable in a pointy toe styles than most round toe shoes however in the boutique I have noticed that Tiggy, our Mary Jane works well for virtually everyone. If you have specific foot concerns do consult a healthcare professional before embarking on new exercises or stepping out in your TANYA HEATH Paris shoes. Nurture your feet so you can remain elegant and stylish even in a low heel.
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