Pearl, our western boot available for pre-order

This is the very first high-boot that we are doing since 2016, and I absolutely wanted it to be western-inspired.

Our pop-up boutique is located in the chic Upper Marais district of Paris, where the city's most fashion-conscious women shop. Overnight, they all adopted the Western boot trend. In fact, I've never seen such a successful style adaptation in my 14 years working in fashion.

I'm doing the style because I know its timeless and for a lot of us, they are wardrobe staples winter, spring, summer and fall.  Get your pair by pre-order. 'Pearl,' just like the precious jewel, is available in off-white and black. Wear them with your Renaud, Denis, Christophe or Damien heels - but as you know, they will go perfectly with any of our heels!

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