Buy shoes and heels differently


Not only have we revolutionized shoes, we're changing the way you buy and wear shoes. Get ready to dive into a unique shopping experience, where you will become the creator of your style. Our unique approach in the world consists of selling shoes and heels separately (with the exception of boxes). Through instant customization of your shoes, you only buy what you love.

By choosing from our 500 heel styles in different heights, shapes and finishes, you bring your shoes to life, making them unique to perfectly reflect your personality. Looking for a touch of novelty? Nothing's easier. You have the power to acquire an extra pair or two of heels, or even a whole new pair of shoes that match perfectly with your existing heels. And of course, nothing stops you from succumbing to the desire to acquire both to satisfy a new inspiration.

With two or three pairs of heels in your purse, you'll be ready to take on every day's challenges with effortless elegance. Each new addition to your heel or shoe collection multiplies your styling possibilities, as each piece fits seamlessly with what you already own. You'll wear them everywhere because one shoe with interchangeable heels can replace several pairs of less heel-killer shoes.