The Point

It was going to happen. The fashion gods have decided that square toes are for landfill, and we should all be wearing points.

Relax. I didn't buy into this trend because I have been doing this long enough to know it was flash in the pan so let me offer you a few points.

On Point: Points are back in style and won't be going out of style anytime soon, considering there have been pointy shoes for the last 50 years. I'd say its safe to invest in a pair, After all, I did!

Talking Points: You'll notice that our point is slightly less symmetrical and a tad wider than what other brands offer. This design ensures your comfort.

Walking Points: These shoes not only look stylish but are also incredibly comfortable for walking. Ensure you have a Christophe heel and indulge in our butter-soft leathers and cloud-like memory foam.

Some of the shoes styles to look for include Valerie, Adriana, Viola, Anisha, Helen, and Santiago.

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