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Valerie Black Lambskin

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First you choose your shoes, than you choose your heels

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Valerie is the pump you will reach for when you want to feel confident, and look classy and and stylish. Valerie is a great pair to start with as its a versatile wardrobe staple.

Our concept is pick and choose.  All shoes and heels are sold separately and it’s you who chooses the heels among the 400 choices in our heel boutique.  Each shoe in our line works with every single heel in all heights, styles and colors, so go ahead and unleash your inner Karl Lagerfeld, you won't believe how fun it is to create your very own dream shoe.

 TANYA HEATH Paris has created the world's first interchangeable shoe and heel system to improve how you buy and wear shoes. You will buy less footwear than before while wearing what you have more, without feeling like you had to sacrifice because in reality your choices will have expanded.. Each additional heel adds a new possibility to your wardrobe.  Our styles are timeless and designed with day-to-night dressing in mind, so that you can wear them proudly for any occasion. 

 Our concept is also extremely comfortable, we use butter soft leather, memory foam soles and the relief of switching out from a high heel to a low heel is real.  In fact, many women don’t even wear high heels because they are happy to have the high -heel look in a medium or low heel.  We hope you find value in our concept and that these shoes take you exactly where you want to go !


 Our footwear is handmade in a small family atelier in São João da Madeira Portugal.

  • Pointy toe pump
  • Uppers in black lambskin
  • Color is black/span>
  • insoles made of memory foam
  • lining in goatskin 
  • The sole is leather and lined with an anti-slip coating to keep you safe when it rains
  • Looks stunning with all of the interchangeable heels in our collection



TANYA HEATH Paris created the world's first interchangeable heel shoes. Each new heel transforms your shoes and allows new uses. Our innovation allows you to consume less, while wearing your shoes more often.

A first step towards sustainable consumption is to simply wear what you already have and avoid the accumulation of disposable purchases. Our concept makes it possible to achieve this goal, while having fun! We offer timeless styles that last both day and night and that you can wear with pride for years to come.

Our products are handcrafted in a family business in São João da Madeira, Portugal.