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T1 CHRISTOPHE VEGAN sizes 35 - 36.5

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Christophe our low walking heel is named after one of the shoe experts who helped us develop our multiple height shoe concept. He never believed multi-height was possible so we named the low heel after him! Happily it's beautiful and many of you, myself included, barely wear anything else. Christophe is a block heel that measures 4 cm.


Our shoes and heels are sold separately and you are the designer. This photo is provided for illustrative purposes only. Once you've chosen your shoes, don't forget to check out our heels to create the pair (s) that suit you. Each shoe works with all heel models, regardless of height, style or color. It only takes one click to change. So bring out the designer in you!


TANYA HEATH Paris created the world's first interchangeable heel shoes. Each new heel transforms your shoes and allows new uses. Our innovation allows you to consume less, while wearing your shoes more often.

A first step towards sustainable consumption is to simply wear what you already have and avoid the accumulation of disposable purchases. Our concept makes it possible to achieve this goal, while having fun! We offer timeless styles that last both day and night and that you can wear with pride for years to come.

Our products are handcrafted in a family business in São João da Madeira, Portugal.

  • « It isn't everyday that you meet a designer who
    is completely revolutionizing fashion. But when we spoke with Tanya Heath last
    week, we knew we had stumbled upon one of those people. »

  • "Ideal
    for the wonder women that we are ! "

  • “To make life easier for thousands of women, shoes with removable heels have finally been invented! The idea? That of rethinking heeled shoes to offer a companion version that adapts to all situations. "

  • « The world's first convertible heels that can swap styles and heights at the push of a button (AND they're actually fashionable). »

  • « Space is a premium when you’re travelling and shoes tend to be the accessory that gets tossed when making packing decisions,
    which is why we think this is the perfect solution for stylish travellers who can’t travel without at pair of heels (or two). »

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