Shoe and heel care

Shoe care

I enjoy shoe care as it makes me feel closer to the artisans who crafted my shoes and I love bringing something back to its initial luster.

Here are some tips for taking care of your favorite TANYA HEATH Paris shoes.


Water proof before wearing:

This applies to leather and vegan footwear and in waterproofing can help you keep your shoes clean.  For vegan footwear it is especially important to protect the insides of your shoes.

If you are worried about your spray de-coloring your shoes, test it first on a part of the leather that is not visible from the outside.  Wait an hour for your test spot to dry, and if you are happy with the result you can go ahead and spray the entire shoe. 


Caring for velvet nubuck, suede and vegan shoes

Cleaning and care for suede and nubuck shoes is virtually the same however.  First brush any dirt off the shoes and gently sand out worn shiny areas on the shoe surface with a suede brush.  This will help restore the nap of the suede.  If you have stubborn stains you will have to sand a bit harder, but you risk loosing some of the leather grain.  Always make sure you brush in the direction of the grain and you can finish off with a soft shoe brush.

Tip:  Not everything can be fixed or polished properly. It’s extremely difficult to remove bloodstains, oil, beer and paint from suede and nubuck footwear. If a stain gets soaked into the leather, chances are that you can’t save your shoes. So make sure you protect your favorite pair by using a proper nubuck and suede protector spray every three months (especially if it rains a lot). 


Caring for calfskin shoes

Make sure that your shoes are properly cleaned with a dry brush or cloth before applying any shoe care product. All leather dries out over time, so its good to take care of them every once in while.

We generally recommend cream based polish in the same color as your shoes because they have high pigment content, and penetrate the leather in a way that wax polishes cannot. Cream is both nourishing and good for covering up nicks and scuffs, and it can make an old shoe appear as good as new. Apply very sparingly with an applicator brush or soft cloth, and make sure to spread evenly all over the shoe.  Let the shoe sit for at least 20 minutes before buffing with a soft brush or a soft cloth.

If however you want your shoes to feel stiffer we recommend using shoe wax.  Weather you use was or cream, remember to choose the same color as your shoes or use neutral.  If any product is applied in excess or to very dry leather, you may permanently alter the original color. Moderation is key!


Caring for Lambskin

Lambskin is exquisite, super soft and makes you feel as if you are wearing something very comfortable. 

Lambskin is also delicate and can get damaged when not properly taken care of.  The best product to use on lambskin is colorless shoe polish, to avoid staining. Before applying, make sure you have dusted your shoes with a dry cloth.  To help reduce the look of marks on the surface, gently rub the leather in a circular motion. Avoid any products that may alter the finish. 

If the shoes are becoming un-colored after lots of wear you can treat them to a leather cream in the same color.


STORAGE for leather and Vegan footwear:


Next to cleaning your shoes, comes storing your shoes. The lifespan of your shoes completely depends on how you store your shoes.  Time and dust can ruin your shoes natural beauty.

Generally, it is recommended not to store shoes in polythene bags or in direct sunlight. Rather, store them in a cool and dry place, never in hot and moist area. 


Heel care

If you have a scuffed heel or you simply want to up cycle a pair of heels that you don’t wear any more we have two  do-it-yourself  videos that explain how to create a glitter heel and how to wrap a pair of heels.