Even the way we sell our adjustable shoes and heels is innovative and allows you to consume better. The ability to instantly customize the shoes to your taste and style, with heels that suit you, helps your enjoyment to ensure that you actually love your designs. To buy only what you like, all of our shoes and heels are sold separately. First you choose your shoes, then you select your heels. 

If you want something new, you don't have to buy something you already have or don't want. You can simply buy a new pair of shoes without heels, heels without shoes, or shoes and heels, it's your choice!

Having 2 or 3 pairs of heels to switch between helps keep the shoes exciting, versatile and new. As you continue to add to your existing collection you exponentially increase your style options, because everything new, works with what you already own. You will be delighted with how truly transformative a new heel and shoe combination can be.