Labor and materials

Since 2011, before it was even in the news, we have been committed to creating an ethical supply chain and our policy can rival that of a very large brand. Our shoes, soles and heels are made in Portugal in a family factory that pays a real working wage and respects European standards on labor law.

The same goes for our subcontractors; our memory foam that keeps you comfortable while you walk comes from Italy; our Spanish leather supplier has been recognized as an Approved Trader by the Leather Working Group in recognition of their commitment to sustainability, and your fabrics for the vegan shoe line are sourced from Italy and Portugal. Recently we have started using fabrics made from recycled plastics and will continue to add innovations as they become available.

Our commitment to artisans means you don't have to worry about working conditions in our partner workshops. It's always been important to me to believe that we're not exploiting people to make something cheap and disposable. As a result, our shoes and heels are a little more expensive than less values-driven brands, but we hope that this investment in a product that is better for the planet, for people, and for you, is deserved and justified.