1. How does it work?

1.1. How do you remove a heel?

Sliding heels off and clipping them on is astonishing, easy and fun! Here is how it works.

Sliding heels off and clipping them on is astonishing, easy and fun!  Here is how it works.

Clipping a heel


To attach a interchangeable heel hold it like this and slide it in till you hear a clicking sound. You may have to use a bit of force in the beginning to hear the click because let's face it, most of us don’t know that the mechanism has been dimensioned to be pressed 5000 times and that you are using a very robust mechanical system. Do make sure you hear the click so that you know its safe to walk in your adjustable shoes!

Unclipping a heel


Removing an interchangeable heel is as easy. Look inside your shoes and you will see a round button framed by our distinctive starburst logo near the heel in the insole. Simply press deep into this button and simultaneously slide the adjustable heel out. We find it’s helpful to use a thumb instead of a finger until you get the hang of it. If you are really concerned about breaking a long nail don’t worry. You can use the flat part of your thumb which is what most of our clients do and if you don’t want to give that a try you can just use a pen instead! 

1.2. Do all the heels work on all the shoes?

Yes, provided all your shoes are in the same size range!


1.3. Can the shoes be worn without a heel?

No but they can be worn with a low heel that is ideal for walking in comfort.

1.4. Why don’t your shoes become flat?

This would be impossible at the moment. Our shoes feature an arch to add comfort while wearing heels and we can’t make that arch go away. But you can wear the shoes with a low heel, which is good for walking, good for your foot, and very comfortable.

1.5. Will I press on the button while I walk?

No, the button is found very deep inside the shoe and it can’t be activated as you walk.

1.6. Will I feel the button while I walk?

Most people don’t but if you do please write to customer-services@tanyaheath.com and we will help you manage this. Normally we recommend that you just place gel pads over the hole in the shoe. This works for virtually everyone.

1.7. Is there a right and left heel?

No, we wanted this to be as easy for you as possible, so you can use any heel, with any shoe, on any side.

1.8. Is the arch super flexible?

No, quite the opposite in fact. The arch has been designed so that it won’t collapse, and so that you can stand tall regardless of the heel height you have chosen.

1.9. Why do you have different heel ranges?

Because the size difference between a size 35 and 42 is so extreme that a high heel for a 35 would only be a medium heel for a 42.

1.10. Why can’t I wear a heel out of my size range?

Because each heel height within a range has been designed very specifically to correspond to a shoe size. In fact in the shoe industry its normal that a 8 cm heel in a size 35 shoe will be slightly smaller than an 8 cm heel on a size 42. So that our clients wear the correct heel height for their shoe size we have had to adhere to this time-held principle.

1.11. Is there a risk that I break a nail by pressing the button?

No, not if you're careful. Many of our clients have long fingernails. We advise you to use the smooth part of your finger. If you are still in doubt, you can always use a pen.

2. Brand Origins

2.1. Is the creator French?

She is bi-national French and Canadian but she lives and works in Paris and the shoes are made in France. Find more information about the creator here.

2.2. Where are the shoes made?

All of our shoes and most of our heels are handmade in small family run ateliers in Portugal. Some of our heels in the capsule collections are made in France where we have access to different skill-sets which enable us to offer a greater selection of heel finishes. made in France. Our leathers and vegan fabriks come either from France, Italy or Spain. As the business grows, we will continue to ensure that production remains in Europe and that our materials are ethically sourced and made.

2.3. Is the brand French?

Yes it is, in fact it’s a unique combination of fashion and engineering, 2 things in which the French excel. All shoes and heels are designed in Paris and produced in the Pays de la Loire.

3. Brand awareness

3.1. Are you the only ones in the world who do this?

We are the first to do multi-height shoes with removable heels and we have sold more heels and shoes than anyone else! We are leaders in terms of both fashion and technology, but success attracts copies and there are certainly copycat companies out there.

4. The offer

4.1. Do you sell bespoke shoes?

We sell semi-bespoke. You can personalize your shoes with a virtually endless choice of heels so that you have something that is uniquely you. If you want a model that we make in a particular color of leather you can write to customer services at customer-services@tanyaheath.com and we can order it for you.

4.2. Do TANYA HEATH Paris heels work with shoes from other brands?

Sadly no, our heels only work with our shoes.

4.3. Do you sell heels?

Yes we do! All of our heels work on all of our shoes and they allow you to change heights and styles as your activities change. You can order more heels at any of our stores and you can order them online  www.tanyaheath.com. Do remember that our heels only work on our shoes.

4.4 Can I use TANYA HEATH Paris heels on my other brand shoes or TANYA HEATH Paris shoes with heels that I buy at the cobbler?

No, that can’t work, because we have a system where both the heel and the clip were specifically designed to work together.

4.5 Can I use my old TANYA HEATH Paris heels with a new pair of shoes?

Yes! Provided they are in the same size range of course you can! And we encourage it!

5. The style

5.1. How do you style the shoes?

We focus on styles that can take you from day to night and anywhere in between. You can dress them up or down with a heel change, in fact playing with color and texture is big trend at the moment and something we encourage you to try.

5.2. How many collections do you do?

We tend to do a summer and a winter shoe collection. We often come out with heels in between the shoe collections and we are constantly bringing out new things! Also if you drop by the boutique you will see smaller series that you can’t find anywhere else. Looking for something from a previous collection? You just might find it in ourOutlet.

5.3. Do you do vegan shoes?

Yes we do. We are committed to helping those of you who don’t consume animal based products look stylish. Every season we offer one or two of our best sellers in a vegan version.

5.4. Do you do platforms?

Not at the moment and probably not for some time.

5.5. Do you do higher heels?

It would be technically possible to go a little higher than 8 ½ cm but we don’t at the moment because Tanya was worried that to offer a higher heel might be bad for her customer’s feet over the long term.

6. Fit and Size

6.1. Do your shoes have a normal fit?

We try to be as standard as we can and we offer models that have been designed on several different shoe lasts each season so that we can fit as many different foot shapes as possible. We also offer specific advice in the information section of each model that gives greater precision based on our experience with a particular shoe last or design. If you have any questions, you can write to customer-services@tanyaheath.com .

6.2. My normal shoe size does not fit me in your brand, do you know why?

It could be for several reasons. Maybe the international size conversion chart is a little off as opposed to your normal sizing, or maybe the shape of your foot, as per our shoe lasts means you need a slight bigger or smaller size. We already offer several different shoe lasts, that each features a slightly different fit, so it might simply be a question of finding a style that really fits you.

6.3. Which is your most comfortable model?

All of our shoes are made with comfort in mind and they all feature memory foam to provide extra padding as you walk. That being said; everyone has a very different foot shape, and we tend to gravitate to styles that fit. What style do you normally wear? If your closet is filled with a certain shoe style, its possible that this particular style makes you feel good.

6.4. Do you do small and large sizes?

It depends on what you are looking for. We start at size 35 and go all the way up to size 42.

6.5. Do you do wide/narrow fits?

We don’t explicitly, but we do have a bit of luck fitting people with wide or narrow feet by directing them to appropriate styles and by making leather suggestions that are adapted to their requirements. If you have this kind of concern, please contact us at customer-services@tanyaheath.com.

7. Sales Policy

7.1. Why do you sell the shoes without heels?

Originally we did sell the shoes with heels but people didn’t like our choice and they were always asking to substitute with a different pair of heels. In the end we just decided to make the concept entirely pick and choose. That way you only buy what you really want and you help create a pair of shoes that is uniquely you.

8. Care and customer service

8.1. Is there a guarantee on the shoes or the heels?

We don’t have an official guarantee but like any French luxury house we do stand strongly behind the product. If you encounter any problem whatsoever please bring the shoe and/or heel back to the store (or send it to us) so that we can have a look at it and try to help you out. This actually helps us out too.

8.2. How will the leather evolve?

All of the leathers that we use are treated for shoes (as opposed to handbags, furniture or clothes) and they will evolve the same way as in any other shoe brand. Our leathers are higher quality than what you will normally find in a shoe, however quality sometimes means the leathers that we choose is butter soft so it should not be confused with longevity. Velvets tend to be more elastic than patent leather and lambskin tends to be softer than calfskin, they will all evolve differently. It also depends a lot on how you wear and care for your shoes.

8.3. How do I take care of the suede or velvet?

This is easier than most people think. You don’t use a wax or a cream, you can buy a special kind of eraser at the cobblers or wherever they sell shoe-care products near you. These kinds of leathers can be brushed.

8.4. Do your shoes last longer than normal shoes?

The mechanism is designed to last for 5000 operations, as for how long the shoe lasts, it should be similar to your other shoes, but you might wear them more often because they are so comfortable.

8.5. Can I take them to the cobbler?

Yes, but do explain to the cobbler that they are special shoes with a mechanical heel, we have had a few cobblers who don’t know and they do strange things like trying to glue the heels in.

8.6. Can we cut a heel to get a different height?

In theory you can and we know that several clients are tweaking their heels because they send us photos, but you would need to take it to a special cobbler who is also able to make his/her own heels. We would not stand behind these heels since we did not do the work ourselves.

8.7. How can I wash my heels?

If it is a painted plastic or metallic heel you can simply run it under water. If it is a leather wrapped heel, you need to be gentle, and it is difficult for us to give general guidelines without knowing the material. We do recommend that you don’t wear the couture heels out when it is raining or muddy.

9. Technology

9.1. Does the heel ever come off while walking?

No, if it did we would not be selling the heels and shoes. You may have a faulty heel once in a while but we can normally identify those while you are trying on your shoes. If it works, it won’t suddenly start falling off.

9.2. What are the heels made of?

All of the heels, even the metallic and the wrapped heels are made from a plastic called ABS, this is a material that can even be found in cars.

9.3. Is there a patent?

Not just a patent, we have several layers of IP protection that work together to protect the brand in all of our markets.
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