I create my shoe

My first shoe with removable heels

Enter a colorful world and boldly reveal your personality by enhancing your outfits with shoes and heels that you can customize as you wish. Let your imagination run wild... You are the designer!

Our unique concept allows you to go from a high heel, to a low heel, or a medium one, on the same pair of shoes, so that you can live your day to the fullest, without sacrificing comfort or style.

Your starting point is shoe selection. Once your choice is made, you can customize it by selecting all the heels you want. We offer over 400 heels in different heights, styles, colors and finishes!

Ladies, the choice is yours.

  • Step 1: choose your adjustable shoes

    Our interchangeable shoes and heels are sold separately so you only buy what you like!

    We offer all styles: pumps, sandals, wedding shoes, ankle boots, cowboy boots, derbies, and even a collection of vegan shoes with recycled fabrics including an ultra-trendy vegan thigh-high boot.

  • Step 2: choose your removable heels

    Once you have chosen your shoes, you are ready to select your removable heels. It is best to start with two or three pairs of heels so that you can wear your shoes everywhere and take full advantage of the concept of interchangeable heels.

It's easy to choose the right interchangeable heels

  • Choose the right size, T1, T2 or T3

    The heels are available in 3 ranges of sizes that correspond to your shoe size:

    T1 corresponds to shoe sizes from 35 to 36.5.

    T2 corresponds to sizes from 37 to 39.5

    T3 corresponds to sizes from 40 to 42

  • Over 400 different heels, the choice is yours

    You can choose from 7 different styles of heels, available in painted, metallic, leather wrap and vegan materials. The possibilities are endless, and we're sure you'll find what you're looking for.

    Each of our heels are hand finished either in France or Portugal and the heels are designed to last for years.

Changing a removable heel, child's play

Changing a heel is simple and won’t take more than a few seconds. Simply press on the black button in the inside of the shoe to release the heel. You might have to reach a little deeper into the shoe than you think because it’s positioned deep in the insole. This ensures that the heel will stay securely on your shoe when you walk.

To insert a brand-new heel slide it in. Don’t hesitate to use a bit of force and a bit of speed. You should hear a click, which indicates the heels have been correctly attached to the shoe.


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