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Les chaussures à talons amovibles, accompagne votre réussite

Shoes with removable heels, the best invention of all time

With removable heel shoes, the revolution is on! Just imagine: your pumps for going to work can be transformed in a click into evening shoes. Your round heels become stilettos. No need to pinch yourself, it's a dream come true!
Whoever has never regretted wearing high heels at the end of the evening raise your hand! We all know that feeling of despair when we come home barefoot, pumps in hand.

Click, click. With the shoes with removable heels, changing your look is as easy as that!

Some time ago we were talking about comfortable heeled shoes. Here is a new fashion trend that we advise you to follow closely!

Trendy shoes: removable heels

To make life easier for thousands of women, shoes with removable heels have finally been invented! The idea? That of rethinking heeled shoes to offer an accomplice version that adapts to all situations.

Choose the heel height you want, vary the colors: the era is about customization and customization! To stick to your desires, nothing could be simpler.

Pull on an invisible tab, inside the pump: your heel automatically unhooks. All you have to do is choose the size of heels that suits your needs at the moment!

Shoes with removable heels: where to find them?

Two shoe brands offer models of fashion shoes with removable heels: Alegory and Tanya Heath. The good news ? Both are made in France!

To get them, you can find them on their e-shop but also in stores!

We bet you'll love it... We've already done it!

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